Course Description

Beauty: Sculptured Nails / Nail Extensions

Limerick College of Further Education

This programme is suitable for individuals who wish to develop skills and techniques in the application and design of sculptured nails/nail extensions so that the participant can offer this service to the public.

Programme Description

The application of sculptured nails is an art in itself that takes time, precision and skill. Sculptured nails are semi-permanent nails made from an extension nail which is applied to the natural nail with a gel placed over it, which is cured under a UV lamp.

• Application of Sculptured Nails/Nail Extensions using Gel Products

• Refill Procedure

• Maintenance of Sculptured Nails/Nail Extensions

• Manicures: Theory and Practice

• Manicure Techniques including Nail and Hand Treatments

Limerick, Ireland
Course Code BH002/BH003
College Name Limerick College of Further Education
Course Category Beauty, Nails
Course Type Practical
Course Qualification Certificate of Attendance
Course Location Limerick, Ireland
Course Fee Tuition Fee €80 | Materials: €80
Course Duration 10 weeks
Course Times BH002 | Wed 18.45 - 20.15 / BH003 | Thurs 18.45 - 20.15
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Course Provider

Limerick College of Further Education

(061) 414186
Limerick College of Further Education, Limerick, Limerick, Republic of Ireland

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