Course Description

Chinese (Mandarin) course

Portmarnock Community School


First, you will get to grasp with some Chinese characters. Chinese characters are taught according to the character formation system.

Pinyin is introduced to the students from the very beginning. The Pinyin above the Chinese
characters is then gradually removed to ensure a smooth learning transition for students.

Once the students have a good grasp of radicals and simple characters, they will be able to analyse most of the compound characters encountered. Memorising too any new characters in a natural and logical manner.

Speaking practice will involve the students using simple Chinese in a spontaneous way to communicate basic real life situations. Using real life situations and scenarios with emphasis on both accuracy and ultimate fluency in Mandarin Chinese.

College Name Portmarnock Community School
Course Category Chinese, Languages
Course Type Classroom Based
Course Location Portmarnock, Dublin, Ireland
Course Start Date 25th September 2018
Course Fee €105
Course Duration 10 weeks
Course Times Tuesdays 7:30-9:30pm
For information about Portmarnock Community School, please visit our college page on by clicking here.

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