Course Description

ITEC Level 3 Diploma course in Sports Massage (Harold’s Cross)

Holistic College Dublin

The Sports Massage portion of this course will develop the massage therapist’s understanding from relaxation massage to being able to provide Pre-event ‘warm up’ and Post-event ‘cool down’ sports massage and Deep Tissue conditioning Myofascial massage. Advanced techniques are used to free up knots and restrictions in muscles by releasing myofascial adhesion, restoring normal resting tone and re-establish joint Range Of Motion.

College Name Holistic College Dublin
Course Category Health Care, Massage
Course Type Practical
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Dublin 6W
Course Start Date 6th October 2018
Course Fee €1800
Course Times two Saturdays per month, from 10am – 5pm
For information about Holistic College Dublin, please visit our college page on by clicking here.

Course Provider

Holistic College Dublin

First floor,, 14 Main Street,, Dublin, Republic of Ireland

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