Course Description

Course Title : Applicable Leadership Skills for the 21st Century

Howard Hughes International

What are the key components of good leadership? Empathy, communication, vision? Unlike your IQ which remains relatively static throughout your life, leadership skills can be enhanced and honed. In the following, consecutive 90 days you will learn how to use these skills to stand out from the crowd, determine your own direction and make the powerful decisions that will get you there.

Broken down in to three distinct modules, each building on the other you will be able to chart your progress with the proprietary journalling system as you go from strength to strength. The content is delivered in video, audio and written formats to suit your learning style. And after the 90 days? Personal development is continuous and many find themselves revisiting the content to set bigger goals and uncover whatever may be holding them back for taking ever increasing steps.

Drawn from the course which was the recipient of the Learning! 100 Award (Learning! 100 is an international awards program honouring organisations by recognising contributions to learning culture, innovation and organisational performance. Previous winners include American Express, Google, IBM, Adobe and Dell) this 90 day version is structured to deliver results in key leadership skills;

  • Direction
  • Judgement
  • Commitment
  • Confidence
  • Resilience to setbacks
  • Self-esteem
  • Handle change
  • Communication
  • Personal responsibility
  • Resourcefulness
  • Ability to handle peergroup
  • Setting goals
  • Achieving goals/improving conditions
  • Ability to manage emotional state
  • Resilience to set backs
  • Eagerness towards the future

Unparalleled in its content and results, this course puts you in the company of people who have achieved exceptional results in their own lives. If your career trajectory requires leadership then become someone that people are prepared to follow, someone with vision and integrity to that vision that has them engaged, enrolled and ready to help in making that vision a reality.

In a time when employee disengagement is so high, when employee dissatisfaction is so high then great leadership is called for. This course prepares you for that role with unprecedented increments in the above skills and overall 75% with individual skills experiencing increase by as my as 98%.

Whether career or personal development, this programme/curriculum is unsurpassed as is testified by the high profile awards, including the Learning! 100 award for excellence in education and voted top 3 in the world by in their Leadership 500 Excellence Awards.

This course is delivered online and contains 600 pages of work book along with many hours of video and audio content along with a propitiatory journal and goal setting system. Results occur within the first week and are lasting. With this exceptional, online personal development training you are not tied to time or place. This inspirational content is not delivered by slide shows and webinars but have been awarded the Remi and Telly awards for the production values.

Please contact me for further information including course sample and overview.

Course Code PWY1
College Name Howard Hughes International
Course Category Business, Leadership
Course Type Online Learning
Course Location Dublin, Ireland
Location Postcode Co. Dublin
Delivery mode Elearning
Course Fee 1,285
Course Duration Ninety days
Course Times The course is delivered online allowing you to access the course from any device at any time and to re-visit as you wish.
Entry Requirements Be committed to being open minded, reflective and apply your learning to your work/life.
Career Path Both personal and team leadership is called for in any career path.
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