You can now learn for less at IHS – 60% less.

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IHS wants to support everyone wishing to maintain their wellness whilst staying safe at home. And also help as many people as possible use this time to indulge a passion and learn more about something they love. So they have reduced the price of ALL online short courses by a massive 60%.

Institute of Health Sciences Courses

Choose from
✅ Stress Management
✅ Simple Steps to Eating well
✅ Simple Steps to Living Well
✅ Coaching Skills for Everyday Life
✅ Plant Based Nutrition
✅ Personalised Sports Nutrition.

All courses are entirely online but totally supported. Their team of experts are here to answer your questions, guide you through the material and help you towards your goals.

See a full list of courses available, or find out more online here.

Why Study With IHS?

Institute of Health Sciences runs courses, training courses and evening classes in nutrition, stress management, health, wellness, sports nutrition in Dublin 2. They believe that a healthy, nutritious diet and health promoting lifestyle is the key to long-lasting health and vitality and courses and training programmes teach this to students. Every individual should aim for optimum, not average, health.

Choosing a course is the first step to a new career or a new way of life so it is important that you choose the college that will provide you with the best training course to suit your needs and will support you throughout your studies. Institute of Health Sciences has over 250 students currently enrolled on courses. They pride themselves on the support they offer students throughout their time with IHS and also after they graduate. To date, over 500 students have graduated from Institute of Health Sciences, including more than 200 Nutritional Therapists.

There is a distinct and very real need for nutrition and health experts who have been trained using the functional medicine and health and wellness coaching models in the West. IHS run courses and training programmes to teach students to the highest standard so they are equipped to enter the healthcare arena and work with individuals to maximise their health potential.



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