Wild Code School Joins Nightcourses.com

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Nightcourses.com is delighted to welcome Wild Code School to our comprehensive list of training providers located across Ireland. Search their practical, in-depth courses today.

About Wild Code School

Founded in 2014 by Anna Stépanoff and Romain Coeur, the Wild Code School is a network of 24 schools and growing in Europe. During a hackathon to imagine the education of tomorrow, the two founders decided to tackle the training of web developers, a profession already in shortage at that time.

This was how the first Wild Code School campus and Wilders were created in France in 2013.

Today the Wild Code School has :
– more than 2000 former students,
– 2 specialities (web development & data analysis)
– 24 campuses in Europe and growing
– an average rate of 87% of students successfully working in the tech ecosystem.

Their teaching method makes you the focal point in your learning (and not a passive student). From the very beginning of your journey with them, you will learn! They guide you throughout your journey AND theypush you to be autonomous.

“Learning to learn”: the key to not standing still when everything is evolving rapidly around you. Just as parents do to prepare their child to be independent, they teach you to approach the digital world and find your place there.


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