The Irish National Honey Show

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FIBKA is hosting The Irish National Honey Show from Fri, 29 Jul 2022, 09:30 – Sat, 30 Jul 2022, 17:00 at Maynooth University.

As it is the first Honey Show of the season, exhibitors are keen to see how their new entries compare with their fellow beekeepers after the break caused by the pandemic.

The Irish National Honey Show

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FIBKA represents beekeepers in Ireland through a network of local assocs


Are you interested in bee keeping?

Explore our list of courses around the country here

Bee Keeping

Clane Community School

Backyard Bee Keeping is a wonderful hobby, but to many it seems surrounded by mystery. This course opens the lid of the honey bee’s hive, enabling the novice beekeeper to understand this complex and fascinating world. We will explore the life cycle of the hive, what happens when the bees swarm and so much more. Join us in this course to explore just what it is that bees buzz about! Course content: Recognising bees (worker, drone, queen), The hive, Equipment, Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring and activities in each), Stings, Swarms, Feeding, Harvesting honey, Pests and Diseases.

Beekeeping (Online)

Online Learning, Beekeeping Course by Dun Laoghaire Further Education Institute  –  Dublin

All you need to know about getting started in beekeeping. Managing the bees, the life cycle of the colony, bee diseases, treatments, feeding, swarm control and harvesting honey as a crop. Course delivered by a third generation beekeeper.

Beekeeping with Liam McGarry

Beekeeping is a very popular and interesting hobby. Learn all you need to know about getting started in beekeeping from Mr Liam McGarry, Secretary of the County Dublin Beekeepers Association.

The course includes units on:

  • managing the bees
  •  the life cycle of the colony
  • bee diseases
  • swarm control
  • harvesting the honey crop.

The course will include practical demonstrations and a  visit ot an apiary.

Beginners Beekeeping

Classroom Based, Beekeeping Course by Crumlin College of Further Education (CDETB)  –  Dublin

Introduction to the art of beekeeping; life cycle of bees; caring for hives. Beekeeping provides huge benefits to the environment as well as that most nutritious and natural food, honey.

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