Special Needs for Childcare at Bray Adult Education Centre

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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Bray Adult Education Centre is offering a level 5 Major Award in Special Needs for Childcare (5M2009) one-year full-time course leading to a nationally recognised qualification in the area of Special Needs.

Students who successfully complete this course will be qualified to work in a number of roles including classroom assistant, special needs assistant and child minder.Students will learn how to develop strategies to promote the mental and physical well-being of children, develop creative learning environments, the skills and knowledge to work in a special needs setting and how to take into account children’s cultural backgrounds.

Early Childhood Care & Education at Bray Adult Education Centre

A key part of the course is work placement, where students will work with children under direct supervision and receive detailed feedback on their work practice.

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Bray Adult Education Centre is a core VTOS centre.  Its full-time students are supported by VTOS.  After 6 months on a Jobseeker, One Parent Family or Disability payment, a person becomes eligible for VTOS.  This offers free education and/or training.  The courses on offer are:

    • Employability Skills in IT
      • For the beginner (or near-beginner) who wants to learn how to use a computer with confidence
    • E-Business
      • For those who want to learn how to do business on-line, including designing for the Internet
    • Creative Art & Crafts award
      • Even those without prior training will surprise themselves
    • Creative Crafts Level 5 award
      • For the more ambitious and more advanced practitioners
      • Job opportunities for Special Needs Assistants in Primary and Secondary schools are planned
      • This course combines the key qualification with a major award in the vital school subject areas
      • Full professional training in a sector with strong growth
      • All our students find employment with ease
      • Full training in Childcare with excellent career opportunities
      • Our emphasis on Special Needs training gives our graduates the edge over other Childcare professionals
      • For those interested in the mechanics of the computer
      • A FIT-supported course
      • Also offers CompTIA A+
    • English for Beginners
      • In 8 months you can learn to use English with no problems
    • English for Employment
      • English as a vital skill in the workplace

BAEC also has some part-time options funded by BTEI:

  • Computing Level 3
    • For those who need to move at a manageable pace but with a keen focus on usable skills
  • Computing Level 4
    • For those ready to gain highly prized professional skills
  • Workshop Crafts
    • With a strong emphasis on wood crafts

The best way to apply for a place on one of our courses is to come in and talk to us.  BAEC prides itself on having the best teaching available anywhere and the most welcoming and supportive atmosphere.  This is second-chance education where it works because it’s done properly.


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