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Have you ever wanted to order red wine in Japanese? Or to express delight at a particularly delicious meal? Perhaps you wanted to let people know where you’re from? (COYBIG) As the Rugby World Cup gets underway, learning a few phrases of the local lingo can certainly help our Irish fans connect with the Japanese natives.

Sandford Language Institute on Radio Nova Breakfast Show is delighted to connect our client, Sandford Language Institute with the award-winning, rock station Radio Nova. In the clip below, Yoko, a tutor with  Sandford Language Institute, teaches the exuberant presenters Colm and Lucy a few key phrases on their popular Breakfast Show.

About The Colm & Lucy Breakfast Show

This morning talk show takes place on Radion Nova from Monday to Friday at 6am – 10am. Lucy Kennedy is an award-winning TV presenter who has just finished working on the hugely successful ‘Ireland’s Got Talent’ and has a new series of ‘Living With Lucy’ series now running on Virgin Media 1. Meanwhile, Colm Hayes is one of the most recognisable voices on breakfast radio, having presented the award-winning ‘Strawberry Alarm Clock’ for 7 years on FM104 and ‘The Colm and Jim-Jim Breakfast Show’ on 2FM.

Why Study with Sandford Language Institute?

Sandford Language Institute is celebrating its 30th birthday this year and offers courses at all levels of Japanese. With locations in Dublin 2 and Dublin 14, their courses cover 30 languages and they host group classes open to the general public, private tuition, grinds and corporate language training.

Search a full listing of their courses online here.


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