Picture Book Beginners to Intermediate Course

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Adrienne Geoghegan is running Illustori Academy Picture Book Beginners to Intermediate Course from 23rd to 27th August, 11:00  to 13:00.

Join award-winning author-illustrator, Adrienne Geoghegan on Zoom in this creative writing workshop that covers the key techniques for writing picture books for 3-7-year-olds.  Adrienne helps you to gain insight into the world of picture book illustration, and demystify the process, share her process and journey.

NOTE: Publishers need/are looking for great picture book writers. You do not ALSO need to be an illustrator, the publisher will find the perfect illustrator match for your book if you are primarily a writer. If you are talented in both areas, then Adrienne will help;p you take the next step in the right direction.

This course is ideal for beginners to intermediate level, for those who want to learn the fundamentals behind picture book making.

Picture Book Beginners to Intermediate Course Content:

  • Know your audience – how to write for children who can’t yet read, or are at the early stages of reading.
  • Picture book age groups explained.
  • How to entertain a young audience, whilst not boring the reader.
  • Coming up with ideas – brainstorming exercises, exploring your childhood memories or the imagination of your child or relative.
  • Classic themes explored, and how to refresh/update them.
  • How to write a ‘read-aloud story’ plus advice on sentence structure and word count.
  • Pictures – how to write a story that will be illustrated.
  • Practical writing and brainstorming exercises.
  • Adrienne provides written notes every evening in a follow on email to help you on your journey and demystify the world of picture book creation.

Learn more about Adrienne Geoghegan & Illustori Academy here



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