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Are you considering becoming a Social Care Worker? Do you wonder what they do, and how to become one. The upcoming Open Training College Open Day event will have all your answers.

The Open Training College (OTC) Open Day event takes place on Wednesday, May 19th, 5pm – 7pm.

At this virtual event, you will:

— be informed about the role of the Social Care Worker
— learn about the Social Care Worker regulator, CORU
— learn how to gain a qualification as a Social Care Worker
— learn about the OTC’s Supported Open Learning (SOL) model of study
— engage with your presenters and pose questions about the area

Please email to register

A non-profit organisation, the OTC is an award-winning third level college offering QQI accredited courses in social care and management since 1992, and online since 2004.

Learn more about the BA in Social Care, Level 7 degree

The Open Training College offers courses in management, social care and continuing professional development. Courses at the Open Training College include applied management, professional development, professional social care, intellectual disability practice and CPD courses. OTC exist to provide accredited training courses and consultancy services to the human services and non-profit sector.

OTC’s knowledge and expertise:

  • Provides people with the skills required to effectively perform their professional roles through courses
  • Directly addresses the operational and strategic challenges experienced by organisations within the sector
  • Makes a constructive contribution to policy and professional practice
  • Offers positive outcomes for service users by encouraging best-practice person-centred processes and competencies

At the Open Training College, the degree level and professional development courses and programmes provide disability and social care professionals with the skills required to deliver effective person centred services. OTC’s accredited certificate, degree and professional development courses and programmes provide people with the knowledge and skills required to manage effectively in a challenging environment. The Open Training College has spent over 20 years working as training experts. In that role OTC have combined extensive first-line experience with a detailed knowledge of the strategic and operational dynamics of the space.

For more information about courses and programmes at the Open Training College, view Course Finder.

Steven Galvin

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