Marketing 5’s: 5 Key Tips To Be Better At Sponsorship in 2021

By Steven Galvin - Last update

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 The Marketing Institute of Ireland series Marketing 5’s are a bespoke 5 step blueprint to help tackle the major marketing topics of our time. Designed for practical application, the Marketing 5’s is a no-nonsense, clear, and concise blueprint anchored in 5 key tips and tactics which you can implement immediately. The next presentation is 5 Key Tips To Be Better At Sponsorship in 2021 with Peter Raymond, Course Director at the European Sponsorship Association.

The event will take place on 9th March from 11AM-12PM.

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Peter Raymond

In over 30 years in marketing, Peter has acquired unrivalled experience and become one of the UK’s leading exponents in sponsorship and corporate partnerships, having worked on many ground-breaking and award-winning projects.

He started his career as a Marketing Graduate with Cadbury Schweppes and quickly became a Brand Manager in 1980. Over the next decade, Peter moved into the agency world where he consolidated his experience in both sponsorship and sales promotion. His track record included working on the first ever major football sponsorships in the UK, the Milk Cup and the Canon League; managing the sponsorship of the Australian Cricket Team by Castlemaine XXXX; directing the British Athletics sponsorship portfolio and selling and implementing the London Marathon sponsorship for both NutraSweet and Flora.

Most recently he created and now runs the ESA Diploma which has become the sponsorship industry’s most esteemed training qualification.  Since 2012 the Diploma has qualified over 350 industry practitioners.  This has been followed by a similar training course for the Arts, the ESA Arts Sponsorship Certificate, which has been running since 2015.

Steven Galvin

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