Learning in Limbo – Student Survey 2022

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Learning in Limbo – Student Survey 2022 seeks to provide national research into the learning experiences of all students with disabilities in a post-lockdown landscape.

The Survey is organised by AHEAD – an independent non-profit organisation working to create inclusive environments in education and employment for people with disabilities. Find out more about AHEAD here.

Learning in Limbo – Student Survey

Students with disabilities 18 years of age and over in further education and training programmes or higher education courses, including mature students and post-graduate students. You are still eligible to participate if you are not registered for supports in your college/centre but either have a formal diagnosis of a disability or feel that you have a disability but do not yet have a formal diagnosis.

In April 2020, AHEAD conducted a survey of further and higher education students with disabilities focused on their experiences of learning from home during the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic. One year later, AHEAD conducted a follow up piece of research to continue to track their experiences.
Now in 2022, AHEAD want to revisit the experiences of students with disabilities again, find out what has changed for you, what barriers remain, and how you are coping with learning in a post lockdown landscape. As educational institutions try to figure out what the implications of the last two years have been, and what can we learn for the future, the Learning in Limbo survey aims to capture and amplify your voice in the discussion.

Please note, that this survey is aimed at students with disabilities 18 years of age and over enrolled in higher education or further education and training programmes in Ireland.

If you have any issues with the accessibility of this survey or require assistance to complete it, please contact richard.healy@ahead.ie and AHEAD can support you to contribute.

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