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Jobs Expo Dublin features a selection of live seminars from a range of professional speakers who can help you take your next step forward.

Is your CV in need of a going over? Are you looking to deal with stress? Maybe your confidence needs a boost. Are you anxious about returning to work after Covid? Or is it simply the fact that you’re in the wrong job! 

Whatever it is that is holding you back, it’s time to put your best foot forward and to get a spring in your step! 

Of course, it’s easy to say that but much harder to do – especially on your own. Fortunately, Jobs Expo Dublin has lined up a terrific selection of speakers that can help you make the right changes and provide the motivation for you to be the best you can and get your career moving forward in the right direction to where you want it to go.

Jobs Expo Dublin is taking place on Saturday, 26th March (10am-4pm) at Croke Park, Dublin and will feature hundreds of active job opportunities. Admission is free and the day features a range of Employers actively recruiting candidates for their organisations. Employers will also be giving seminars throughout the day highlighting what their company can do for you.

Alongside all of this is The Agenda Stage, which will host a selection of talks from professionals throughout the day, providing career advice, informative tips and essential insights into life skills development and personal improvement. 

Collette Bryson established Engage Life Coaching two and a half years ago after a 20-year career as a solicitor. She has helped numerous people who are job seeking find their direction and regain the confidence to apply for, interview for and be offered the job they want. Colette will be on hand to help you improve your chances of getting the interview you want by revealing ‘Top 10 Tips for an Effective CV’. 

Luke Treacy is the General Manager of the Dublin CODING School,Career Paths in the Tech Sector. Luke is an experienced executive in technology, media and digital publishing having previously served as CEO/Managing Director of two businesses in the UK and two in Ireland including an AI/IoT focused research business. Luke will be exploring ‘Career Paths in the Tech Sector’.

Doug Gordon is an internationally renowned professional speaker, CEO, trainer, consultant, coach & radio presenter. He featured in national newspapers such as The Times & Independent for growing an asset management business from $50m pa sales to $1.75Bn pa sales. Doug will be on stage to deliver an unmissable talk, ‘High Performance Success without Stress’.

Artem Petsyukha is a business mentor and a professional coach. He works with artists, executives and entrepreneurs, leaders and change-makers, who want to be more efficient, fulfilled and happy, who want to change the world and embrace the change, who stay open and keep searching. Career is a wonderful entry point to get a better life, but there are many more options to consider. Artem would be happy to help you to come closer to your dreams and goals by making the best decisions and taking the most rewarding career steps.If you’re considering a change in career you don’t want to miss Artem’s presentation, ‘Everything you wanted to know about career change but were too afraid to ask’.

Pat Finnerty is a psychological coach whose aim is to help people find fulfillment in their careers and all other aspects of their lives, by focusing on their personalities and interests. Pat’s methodology is ideally suited to guiding people in the right direction in beginning their careers, finding meaning in their current careers, seeking advancement, changing job/career or returning to the workplace. Pat will be on stage to explore the fascinating question, ‘Is a job just to pay the bills and a career something you’re interested in?’ 

Frank Hynes helps people find work they truly love and are passionate about. The first step is figuring out what you want from your career, would love to do and will be good at. The next step is to get that job or set up in self-employment. Frank will be on hand to discuss the very timely topic, ‘Returning to work or changing careers: The key skills and qualities employers are looking for’.

Anna Marie Brosi works as a Career, Performance & Mindset Coach empowering professionals to connect with their unique skill set, strengths, values, resilience and optimism to maximise opportunities for career growth, transition and management. Anna Marie will be delivering an important message for everyone in her talk, ‘Positive psychology at work’.

Fiona O’Neill is a multilingual business psychologist and speaker with 15 years’ experience working in multinationals, specialising in assessment and development, psychometric testing and workplace mental wellness. Fiona is giving a talk that you will not want to miss, ‘21st Century Careers – Catching the Wave’.

Nina Aouilk is known as London’s Life Coach. Nina provides winning mindset coaching & peak performance strategies to Elite individuals and corporate companies. Nina’s fascinating topic is sure to draw a crowd as she addresses the question on many people’s minds, ‘Am I in the wrong job?’

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