Institute Of Health Sciences Courses: Enrolling Now

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Institute of Health Sciences are enrolling now for their next semester of courses, training courses and evening classes. They are the leaders in training when it comes to learning about nutrition, stress management, health, wellness, sports nutrition, so check out their upcoming classes for an option that’s right for you.

Institute Of Health Sciences Courses

CI Level 4 (UK) Diploma in Nutrition and Lifestyle Coaching

Nutrition & Lifestyle Coaches work with their clients to make healthy changes by using a combination of their personalised nutrition and lifestyle expertise along with their coaching and communication skills

Diploma in Nutritional Therapy

Develop the knowledge, skills and confidence required to work successfully with clients to recommend individualised nutrition, supplement and lifestyle changes

CPD: The Fundamentals of Plant Based Nutrition Course

This course is designed to offer practical, research-based information to anyone wishing to understand more about different models of plant-based eating, whether you are an individual embarking on change or a healthcare professional wishing to better understand and support your clients.

CPD: Coaching Skills for Everyday Life

Learn how to transform your mindset and many areas of your life using key ‘coaching’ skills and techniques. Discover why coaching has become such a powerful tool for change.


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