Informational Webinar – MSc Computer Science, Trinity College Dublin

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The School of Computer Science and Statistics, Trinity College Dublin invite you to attend an information session for their MSc Computer Science programme. During this webinar, the Director will clearly explain the programme in detail and will discuss the module breakdown per strand and answer your questions.

The four strands will be discussed (Data Science, Intelligent Systems, Future Networked Systems and Augmented & Virtual Reality).

If you plan to attend this webinar, kindly RSVP/Register for the event to receive the password code to join.


The webinar will take place at 12:00hrs (Irish Standard Time) on Thursday, 9th July 2020.


  • Is it possible to hold a part-time job while completing the M.Sc. programme in Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin?

    Some students do opt to work part time while undertaking the programme, however, the M.Sc. programme is quite intensive and requires the satisfactory completion of a substantial amount of coursework as well as a dissertation project. Undertaking any other substantial commitment while taking the M.Sc. programme is not recommended and will not be considered when awarding marks.

  • When are Michaelmas, Hilary and Trinity terms?

    Traditionally the academic year at Trinity is divided into three terms:

    • Michaelmas term (12 weeks of teaching, September – December) – sometimes referred to as Semester 1
    • Hilary term (12 weeks of teaching, January – April) – sometimes referred to as Semester 2
    • Trinity term (April – July); please note that students work on dissertations till end of August.

    The exact dates of the terms differ from one academic year to another.

    Taught modules on this degree programme take place in the first 2 terms (Michaelmas and Hilary). Exams take place generally before the start of Hilary term (December) and in Trinity Term (May). The MSc research Dissertation takes place throughout the year with full-time work being completed in Trinity term and the subsequent summer months.

  • How many places are available on the MSc Computer Science?

    TCD plans to accept 120 students next year, distributed across the strands. For some strands, where individual specialized equipment is required, TCD may need to cap numbers.

To find out more about Trinity College Dublin and for further information about courses, click here.


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