Adult Learners Tell Their Stories in AONTAS Booklet I’m a FET Learner

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AONTAS, the National Adult Learning Organisation, has produced a booklet I’m a FET Learner, which captures the experiences of ten Further Education and Training (FET) learners who participated in the National FET Learner Forum over the course of its existence from 2016 to 2020.

The purpose of this booklet is to capture the individual impact of the Forum according to learners who have taken part. For many, the Forum is a stepping stone to further, deeper learner voice engagement. This is important because the Forum is designed to capture not only a multitude of learner voices, but importantly provide a platform for the voices that are least heard. This is evidenced in the feedback provided
by learners who participate in the Forum with over two-thirds of participants (79%) stating that the Forum was the first time they had been asked to share their educational experiences (AONTAS
Annual Synthesis Report, 2019).

All the learners who have volunteered to participate in this booklet have deepened their learner voice engagement since their participation in the Forum in a variety of ways. As these stories illustrate, learner voice processes are not just about gathering feedback. Creating a space where learners feel valued has been a core part of the project. Each learner has volunteered to share how their experience participating in the National
FET Learner Forum fits into their broader learner voice journey.

Through these stories AONTAS hope to share some of the broader, transformative impacts of the Forum as told through the voices of those
who have taken part.

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AONTAS is Ireland’s National Adult Learning Organisation.


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