‘Get Motivated for the Summer’

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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With the summer quickly approaching, we got some tips on how to get motivated and stay fit. We all have busy lives, so sometimes sustaining motivation isn’t the easiest thing to do.

Our suggestions will help you focus on what you want top achieve and have some fum while you’re doing it.

1. Set Goals

Figure out what you want to achieve and write it down. Stick it on your bedroom wall, so every morning you wake up you’ll see what goals you are striving towards.

Start with simple small goals first, then progress on to bigger goals. Set a time to reach your goals and mark it off when you have completed them.

If you haven’t exercised in a while, start with a 10 minute walk, 2 or 3 times and week. Then progress to 30 minute walk, 5 days a week, etc.

2. Make It Fun

If you find it boring walking, listen to the radio or a podcast to entertain yourself. If you don’t like walking alone, ask a friend or neighbour if they’s like to join you.

If you don’t enjoy running on a treadmill, join a local sports club, or sign up for a dancing or yoga class.

Excercise doesn’t have to be a chore, the more fun you have while excising the more likely you will be to stick with it.

3. Alter Your Diet

All that effort you are putting into excerising won’t count if you aren’t looking after your nutrition.

Drinking plenty of water is essential, eat as much fruit as you want, nibble on vegetables as a snack during the day. Don’t try and starve yourself, it is the worst way to diet and if you’re not eating properly you won’t have the energy to get fit.

4. Rest

Rest in vital for staying motivated and fit. It gives your muscles a chance to relax and heal, so they don’t get injured.

Your body needs to regain its strength, with a good night’s sleep you’ll be ready for another fun day of activities.

5. Patience

You won’t achieve your goals overnight, don’t jump on the weighing scale every morning. The changes you make to your lifestyle and diet will need time to take effect.

You should monitor your weekly progress, but don’t get discouraged if the results aren’t dropping every week.

As Guns N’ Roses said: “Just a little patience, is all you need.”

Frank Bolger

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