Get Funky! Courses in Music Production: Ableton Live

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Whether you’re starting off making beats or you’re looking to take your music production to the next level, CreateSound have the right course in music production for you.

Courses in Music Production: Ableton Live


Starting the week of 11/10/2021, CreateSound’s practical online music production Intro course will introduce you to the basics of using Ableton Live and give you the know how to make your own music using the latest software and techniques. Ableton Live has become the software of choice amongst many music producers/artists/performers as it allows for a really creative workflow, it’s very flexible, and it’s intuitive to use. Learn in a relaxed and open environment online, in a small group, and put the skills into practice straight away as you work on your track in tandem.

CreateSound will take you through all the basics step by step adding on to the skills each week. Covering areas such as:

• MIDI Instruments & Melody Making
• Beat Programming
• Basic FX
• Arrangement
• Basic Mixing & signal processing
• Bringing your track together

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Starting the week of 11/10/2021, this Intermediate course is for people who are familiar with using Ableton but are looking to step up their skills, improve their output or could benefit from new techniques to bump up their music making. Whether it be getting your tracks finished, mixing, improving your sound, workflow, etc. There is more contact time allocated to this course to allow for tutor input and review of individual tracks per session, etc.

Covering areas such as:

• Housekeeping and Session set up
• EQ & Compression
• Mixing and Mastering
• Advanced FX
• Sampling/Simpler
• Creative processes, tips & tricks

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One evening session per week for 5-6 weeks. Starting at 7pm.

Classes take place over Zoom with small numbers. The class uses some break out and some screen control for exercises and to change up the group learning. We show you how to export and share your work so we can listen and feed back as we go. Each session includes demo/exercises/discussion and interactive elements to help grasp the fundamentals. There are ‘Work-Ons’ in between classes to help the content bed in and we do a ‘Tech Set Up’ session in advance of the course starting to make sure you’re all set up correctly.

We review and feed back on individual progress and queries week to week. Joining in from your own home for short, productive sessions you can slip the training into your normal routine & develop new skills.

Windows or Mac laptop (>= 8GB RAM)
Ableton Live 11 Software (we can arrange an ‘Intro’ licence if you don’t have it)
Decent internet connection

(or we can do 2 installments if easier for you – deposit & balance)


CreateSound specialises in top quality, engaging and practical online music production courses. Enquire or book today on

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