Dublin Camera Club Opens Bookings for September Photography Course

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When it comes to photo taking, get beyond the use of your phone. Commencing September 23rd, Dublin Camera Club are running a course for beginners, which takes place at 6.30pm and is repeated at 8.30pm. This September photography course assumes no knowledge of photography and is designed that in the period of 9 weeks you will have a good understanding of your own camera and its controls and that you will have sufficient understanding of the use of the camera to produce high quality shots.

September Photography Course: What You Will Cover

  • You will understand the principles of exposure so as to control the image you want, whether that be a crisp landscape, memories of your travels or an image of a friend giving that sought after sharp portrait on a soft background.
  • You will learn the basics of editing your images using inexpensive/free appropriate software, improving on the image that you captured in your camera. (Post processing)
  • Elements of good composition will be dealt with and the basic compositional dos and don’ts to improve your images.  Both colour and black and white image production will be dealt with.
  • While the focus of the course is on the use of digital cameras, film is not forgotten and the basics of the use of film is covered as is darkroom printing – in demonstration mode.

About this Programme

The course is carried out in a club environment with opportunities to meet with and learn from experienced club members and to join the club at a discounted rate.  Following the course you should be able to produce good images with confidence.

The course takes place in the Club’s Camden Street premises on Wednesday evenings.  The course has been updated to reflect the growing accessibility to digital and electronic technology. Each Wednesday session will provide you with comprehensive notes, suggestions for photo exercises and guidance on where you can get further information.

The cost of the course is €120 inclusive of all materials. Persons taking the classes are enrolled in the club as Associate Members and become eligible to apply for full membership of the club at a discounted rate of €60 for a year. Club membership entitles you to participate in all the club activities, including the free workshops and competitions and photo-shoot outings.

Register Today

The easiest way to sign up for the course is to enrol via this link, or you can sign-up at the Club on a Tuesday evening after a club night.

The club is now able to accept via Credit/Debit cards, or PayPal.


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