Diploma in Digital Marketing at Fitzwilliam Institute

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Fitzwilliam Institute are offering a Diploma in Digital Marketing course which takes place in Dublin City Centre, on 2 evenings a week (Monday & Wednesday, 6:30 pm – 9 pm) for 12 weeks.

The next course starts 29TH SEPTEMBER 2021 

The Diploma in Digital Marketing at Fitzwilliam Institute features

  • Over 3 months of intensive high-level corporate training with interactive modules covering all aspects of digital marketing: Digital Marketing Strategy & Planning, Digital Marketing Communications, Developing a Core Search Engine Optimisation Strategy, Digital Marketing Content, Google Analytics, Google AdWords and AdSense, Writing for the Web, Social Media, Interactive Tools & Data Collection, Email/Direct Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Advertising, etc. In addition, in-depth Public Relations, Online PR and E-commerce modules are included in this course.
  • Practical skills training delivery from leading industry professionals. All of Fitzwilliam Institute’s digital marketing trainers are top industry professionals with many years of successful digital marketing experience across a broad range of industries. Fitzwilliam Institute’s cutting edge program in digital marketing contains the core and vital digital marketing industry key skillset and, on completion, all our students are industry-ready. This course also features several guest speakers from the Digital Marketing Industry.
  • Real life digital marketing briefs. Fitzwilliam Institute’s premier diploma in digital marketing offers practical and specific digital marketing skills that can be applied in real world situations – “The Apprentice” Style. You will gain exposure to invaluable digital marketing toolkits and prepare a real life digital marketing brief, enabling you to develop your digital marketing portfolio. The course project is aimed at providing you with the confidence and ability to take on and create digital marketing campaigns for any organisation. A combination of case studies, interactive group sessions, presentations, and questions and answers allows you to gain transferrable skills and invaluable experience, in real-life situations, which will prepare you for a successful future in the industry.
  • Pitch and presentation skills. Fitzwilliam Institute’s world-class diploma in digital marketing course guides you through all of the stages of creating and implementing a digital marketing strategy campaign, finally producing a digital marketing pitch which can be used as a template for future digital marketing proposals. A special feature of Fitzwilliam Institute’s digital marketing course is the time devoted to developing your pitching and presentation skills.
  • Digital marketing jobs, networking and volunteer opportunities. Benefiting from over a decade of industry experience, Fitzwilliam Institute are extremely well placed within the digital marketing industry. Employers are always looking for Fitzwilliam Institute’s digital marketing students and alumni. Fitzwilliam Institute’s website features a comprehensive Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities section.

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