Digital Competences Micro-credential at Adult Learning University of Galway

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Adult Learning University of Galway is running a 12-week, Digital Competences online micro-credential course, on which you will learn about the Digitalisation of the Future and follow step-by-step videos to develop new digital skills for work and for everyday living.

Digital Competences Micro-credential at Adult Learning University of Galway

A range of interesting topics, tips and tools are explored within each of the five competency areas as follows:

DigComp Competence Area 1: Information & Data Literacy 
Information, Misinformation, Disinformation; Email & Communication; Search Engines, Google Services; Virtual Reality; Cloud Storage Services; Spam, Scam, Deepfakes.

DigComp Competence Area 2: Communication & Collaboration
Effective Online Workplace, Meetings, Etiquette, Collaboration; Productivity & Insights; Blogging, Short Form Video; Social Media Platforms, Presence & Responsibility; File Sharing; Music, Video & Live Streaming.

DigComp Competence Area 3: Digital Content Creation
Visual Design for Document Formats; Accessibility & Inclusivity; Press, Radio, Library Services; Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning; Design for Presentations; PDF, Scanning.

DigComp Competence Area 4: Safety
Datafication of Aspects of Life; Password Management & Authentication; Health & Public Services; Green ICT; GDPR, Cyber Safety; Payments, Cryptocurrency.

DigComp Competence Area 5: Problem Solving
Privacy, Smart Home Devices, the Internet of Things; Meaningful Graphs; QR Codes; Social Robots, Automation, Universal Basic Income; Windows Shortcuts; PCs, Peripherals, Connectivity.

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Come along to University of Galway’s Adult Learning Information Evening on Wednesday 14th June from 5.30-7.30pm on the University campus, to find out more about the extensive range of part-time, flexible-learning courses on offer.

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At the Centre for Adult Learning and Professional Development at University of Galway, we offer an extensive range of Professional, Part-time and Evening courses. Our flexible courses allow you to study at your own pace in a wide range of subject areas. These courses are delivered via different modes of delivery such as Online learning, Blended learning and Classroom-based.

Whether you want to improve your skills for employment or for your own personal development, University of Galway has the course for you! We have over 50 years’ experience working with adult learners, local communities and organisations. We offer a wide range of affordable and flexible part-time courses in a variety of subject areas such as Business & Management, Science & Technology, Arts & Social Sciences, IT, Community Education, Early Childhood Studies and Training & Education – as well as short courses, CPD courses, Micro-Credentials and Springboard courses.

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