Data Analyst Diploma at Pitman Training

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Secure a Data Analyst Diploma at Pitman Training.

Pitman offer flexible study in centre, online, or a combination. The Diploma consists of 200 hours.

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Data Analyst Diploma at Pitman Training

Today’s world is driven by data. More than ever, companies are striving to understand how to improve their operations by dissecting the data they collect to understand clients’ needs and industry trends.

As a Data Analyst, you could find yourself working within a wide range of organisations across a variety of sectors, but the common denominator is the need to glean insights from data. Data comes in a variety of forms and is stored in a variety of database management systems. And your first and foremost goal is to gather insights from the data. Often, you will be dealing with unstructured data stored in different types of data management systems. To achieve meaningful analytical results, several skills must be mastered.

In this diploma, you’ll gain practical analytical skills as you work through the courses. Not only will you find out more about how data is created and managed, but you’ll also look at the fundamentals of research methods and statistical analysis. You will also develop a strong foundation with the most powerful programming languages available for data manipulation, cleaning, and analysis.

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“I started off with a single course to see how it would suit me as it had been 22 years since I had last studied. With the help from the people in Pitman, I completed the course and realised I could continue and get a Diploma. Best decision I could ever have made.”

– Fiach N.

Explore your learning options at Pitman Training Centres all across the country.

Pitman Training is a unique learning environment, which allows students to study and train at their own pace. Each of their centres around Ireland are also hosts to a number of experienced course advisors, who are always on hand to offer support and encouragement.

The reason for Pitman pursuing this flexible method of studying is pragmatic as the contemporary student body varies in culture and lifestyle. Some students have just left college, some may work at a full-time job, while others have children to take care of or are constantly on the go.

Pitman Training is here to correspond to these realistic factors by offering their opening hours, but no rigid timetable. This allows students to come and go when they please and gives them the opportunity to ascertain the skills that are essential for their desired job.

Steven Galvin

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