Cyber Crime Against Women

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Cyber Ireland is hosting a Cyber Crime Against Women webinar on March 10th 2022 from 12noon to 1pm.

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The increasing reach of the internet, the rapid spread of mobile information, and the widespread use of social media have led to the emergence of cyber violence against women and girls, as well as Technology Facilitated Sexual Abuse as a growing global problem.

This webinar aims to arm women with the tools to know the digital dangers and protect themselves against them. We have partnered with Safe Ireland, an organisation that helps women and children who have suffered domestic abuse.

Cyber Crime Against Women Speakers

Liz Dunphy is a journalist who has covered domestic abuse, womens’ rights and cybercrime for major news publications in both Ireland and the UK. She currently works for the Irish Examiner’s news department where she covers crime, the courts and social affairs

Joanne O’Connor is responsible for leading the cybersecurity awareness training program for an employee base of 90k team members worldwide as Cyber Security Training and Education Officer at HPE.

Annick is the COO for Cybsafe, a British cyber security and data analytics company that builds software that goes beyond cyber security training to change behaviour and reduce human-cyber risk.

Cyber Skills offers instructor-led, online classes giving IT Professionals the flexibility and convenience to fit cybersecurity up-skilling into your busy schedule.

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