Climate Action Project

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The international Climate Action Project is launching today Monday 27th September. involving 10 million teachers and students.

This project aims to change students’ behavior and societies’ mindset concerning climate change and environmental threats through education.

Climate Change is not a hoax.
Avoiding Climate Change is a better and cheaper option than cleaning up or mitigating its impact

The Climate Action project is a free student-centered project – a 6 weeks journey involving more than 2.5 million students across 135 countries. It is supported by governments in 15 countries. The project is free, student-centered and aims to lead to a change of behavior through education. It is in collaboration with WWF and NASA, and endorsed by Jane Goodall, President Higgins, Kumi Naidoo, scientists and public figures. It was covered by media across 45 countries including BBC, CNN and National Geographic.

Teachers can sign up and join the project at all times. It is flexible: you can skip or combine weeks. The project used to be a yearly event in October/November and most teachers still join during those weeks – but one can join throughout the whole year.

If you’d like to take part you can sign up here and the details are below:

  • Teachers will connect and interact with teachers across 150 countries, be personally guided by facilitators here in Ireland and receive a free curriculum including lesson plans co-authored by WWF (World Wildlife Fund). They will access a global network of teachers and experts.
  • Student opportunities include global tree plantings, interactions with peers in every continent, sending a message to space with NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). This project is open to students at all stages of education, primary, secondary and third level education.
  • This year the free Climate Action Project App will be launched allowing each school to keep track of impact and work with others in teams.
  • Each participating teacher and student will receive a personalised certificate and badge.

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