All in the mind: Mental health and well-being programmes at PCI College

By Frank Bolger - Last update

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People are constantly evolving; few people are the exact same at age forty as they were when they were twenty. General life experiences, interactions, triumphs and tragedies prompt all kinds of developments in a person’s personality, behaviour and outlook.

However, while most people aspire towards continual personal growth, it is not always easy to achieve: certain events and experiences can cause long-lasting emotional or mental damage. At PCI College – a leading provider of third level educational and continuing professional development courses in the fields of Counselling and Psychotherapy, Mental Health and Wellbeing – such issues are given the time and attention they need. The college aims to raise awareness of the range of mental and personal difficulties that many people in Ireland face – depression, anxiety, suicide, addictions, and relationship problems.

College programmes

The college’s suite of courses, which are accessible yet of a high academic standard, cover a vast selection of subject areas – for instance, Addiction Counselling (Diploma and Degree), Counselling and Psychotherapy (Diploma and Degree), and Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (Professional Certificate). In addition to its longer-term programmes, the college also offers a wealth of workshops and certificate programmes in topics such as Life Writing, Personal Development, Self-Esteem and Personal Awareness.

While many of the programmes are aimed at those hoping to establish careers in the mental health professions, each course is also designed to help participants understand and deal with how the mind works and responds to events in the real world, and how we can help ourselves and others to identify and resolve the various difficulties that often arise.


Frank Bolger

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